Organized by

Nina Zhao-Seiler

Born 1965, Naturopath. Study of TCM since 1985, 6 years of education in private TCMschools in Europe, followed by 3 years of internship and further study in Chengdu. Since 1998 private practice in Zurich, Switzerland. She speaks chinese, english and german fluently, has travelled Sichuan extensively and knows the experts personally. She plans and organizes the trips and will lead and translate during the whole journey.

Zhang Hao

Professor of Pharmacology and Pharmacognosy at the Sichuan University in Chengdu. His main topics of research are identification and analysis of medicinal plants of western Sichuan. He is also an impressing botanist. He is the scientific expert advisor of our trip to Sichuan.

Liu Shouyang

Professor for Pharmacognosy at the institute of Pharmacology (of which he is the co-founder) in the College of TCM of Guangxi in Nanning, currently working in the Guangxi medicinal plant garden. He is a widely recognized expert on medicinal plant identification as well as the director of numerous research projects in the field of medicinal plants of Guangxi. He is the scientific expert advisor of the trip in Guangxi


Biologist (studied in Xian and Chengdu) and environmental scientist (ETH Zurich). He currently works in Switzerland in quality control of organic food, tea and medicinal herbs from Asia. Expert for our trip.


Pharmacist (studied in Heilongjiang, specialized in pharmacognosy in Chengdu). He currently works in Switzerland as as specialist on identification and quality control of chinese herbs. Expert for our trip.