Organic cultivation in China: meet pioneers of organic farming in China over a cup of tea

Excursions into the Homeland of Tea

Meet people who are respectfully combining old knowledge and methods with new ideas and technologies.

During the last years we have travelled to many, many tea Plantations, and have now been able to prepare two Routes, each taking participants into some of the oldest, some having earned the imperial label for being a local speciality(equivalent to the Daodi quality for a medicinal herb) and some of the newest tea plantations in China while gaining insights about the challenges organic agriculture and specially organic tea production are facing in China today.We will also meet with some of the earliest pioneers of organic agriculture in China and be able to ask them questions about the environment, organic agriculture in China, or why there is such a lack of organically grown medicinal herbs. We also plan on visiting some medicinal herb plantations in the areas we travel.


The trips will start and end in Nanjing. where we will meet a pioneer of organic agriculture, specially tea cultivation in China. From there we will take the train to Wuhan(Hubei). In Wuhan we will visit one of the largest producers of organic tea in China. We will be able to taste different qualities of tea and discuss them (and other subjects we might be interested in) with local Tea experts. We will then travel to some of the many tea plantations in the mountains northeast to the Gorges of the Yangtze/Changjiang River in the area Shennong is said to have tasted and studied herbs (Shennongjia) and be able to observe (with some luck weatherwise) all the steps in the production process of their green tea. The area also produces very fine black tea, of which we will also get to taste some.

Then we will either continue on

Route 1:
Fly west and southwards to southern Yunnan, Xishuangbanna area, home of some of the oldest Teatrees extant(800-1000 year old), where we will visit tea plantations with trees that are 500 years old and are still harvested. This area is also home of the Puer tea. We will get to visit a Puertea production site and understand what’s so special(or: different) about it.

Or Route 2:
fly south and east to Fujian,Wuyi mountain area, home of the famous half fermented Oolong-teas, white teas as well as the rare rock-tea made from leaves of teatrees growing directly on the cliffs of Wuyi mountain.

Next trip

No date available yet. see pictures of our trip in may 2018 here


Around 2750.-Euro (please let me know if the cost is a problem, so we can discuss solutions) with a group of minimal 10, maximal 12 participants


Included are inlandflights, train tickets, accomodation(double rooms), meals, translation, and all the activities of one of the two programs mentioned above. Not included is the flight to and from China and to our starting point Nanjing and the fee for the chinese tourist visa. participants are responsible for buying appropriate insurance.

If you are interested, please let us know, so we can keep you informed!