Necessary information


3300.-Swiss Francs CHF  per person (if the cost is a problem, please contact me to find a solution), children 50% of the price (if a child does not need an extra bed: 25%).
Bring a friend: Each participant who brings an additional participant gets back 100.- CHF (per additional adult participant)

Included are all costs for transportation starting from the respective starting point of the trip as mentioned in the program, as well as costs for all accomodations in a double room( additional cost for a single room:  300-400.- CHF,please ask for the specific trip!), meals(see below), entrance fees (if they are part of scheduled activities), experts, translaters, travel agents and organisation.
Not included are air fares to China and back. Booking of the flight is done individually by  participants.

A minimum of 10 participants is necessary for the trip to take place. A maximum of 16 participants will be accepted.


This is a privately organized trip. Participants take their own responsibility in participating. Each Participant is liable for him or her self and for his or her actions. The group therefore consists of a number of individual tourist who travel together. Individuals wishing to take part in this group, that is to become a participant can only do so, if they accept the conditions mentioned above and with it the exclusion of liability of the trip organizer and will confirm this in written before the trip starts.


Hotels will be of varying standard, depending on where we are.
In Chengdu as well as in Nanning  the level of comfort is comparable to european standard.In the countryside the situation is different. Specially the sanitary area can be disappointing at times. But there are often very pleasant surprises as well, for example herbal footbaths, good massages, hot springs, etc.
We will allways try to reserve the best and most appropriate for each area. Patience and flexibility will help participants enjoy the trip to the maximum.

Experience has shown us that participants who have travelled to China before, have an easier time coping with everyday situations and therefore have more energy left to participate in the scheduled activities and may be able to benefit more.


All meals are included in the fee as long as they are taken with the group.
In TCM food is regarded as the best of all medicine. Traditional cooking of food for health is called Yao Shan. Participants will be able to enjoy this tradition in different forms, on several occasions.


We consider the choice of our vehicle and driver to be one of the most important parts of preparing the trip. Our vehicles are of very good quality and are driven by very expirienced drivers.