Frequently asked questions

Q: How high will we go?

A: for Sichuan(North and West): we will cross mountain passes in our bus that are as high as around 5000 meters above sea level. After an acclimatization period we will stay on the tibetan plateau at a level of around 3000-35000 meters above sea level for 1 or 2 nights.

for Sichuan(South) and Yunnan(North): we will not cross any very high passes, but we will partly be in mountainous areas between 2000-3000 meters above sealevel

for Guangxi (South): we will go up to 1800 m above sea level at the maximum. Most of the time we are below that.

Q: what is the weather like there during our travelling times ?

A: for Sichuan: in Chengdu the weather is warm and humid with frequent rainfalls in summer, around 30-35 degrees Celsius. In the mountain regions of northern and western Sichuan the weather is warm, around 20-28 degrees Celsius during the day and drops down to sometimes below 10 degrees Celsius at night. The sun-rays are very strong due to high altitude.

for Sichuan(South) and Yunnan (North): a comfortable 20-28 Celsius, dropping to sometimes below 10 C at night in the mountains.

for Guangxi: in Guangxi the Weather in April is around a mild 20 to 25 degrees Celsius, day and night. There is frequent rainfall but not for long times.

Q: what clothes and equipment should be brought on the trip?

A: for Sichuan: for Chengdu light summer clothing and sandals are appropriate. For the mountains warm clothes and long underwear should be brought as well! Furthermore, wind and rain protection is needed as well as sun protection, best is a good hat and maybe sunglasses. waterproof hiking shoes are best in the mountains. We will not climb, so no mountaineering equipment is needed.

for Guangxi: light summer clothing, rain protection and something with long sleeves to protect from wind. Stable but light shoes for the hikes and excursions.

Q: What vaccinations are recommended, is there Malaria in the area?

A: for Sichuan(whole) and Yunnan(North): The area we are going to is not a malaria area. Recommended vaccinations are mainly those for Hepatitis A and B. Please see your countries healthdepartments recommendations for Sichuan, Western China for more information!

for Guangxi: Guangxi belongs to the malaria areas of China, though there is not very much at the time. Malaria prevention grade1 is recommended. Please consult your countries healthdepartments recommendations for Guangxi South-central China for more information.

Q: What else should be brought on the trip?

A: for Sichuan, Yunnan and Guangxi: Generally everything can be bought in Chengdu as well as in Nanning. Medication that is regularly taken should be brought. An emergency pharmacy with allopathic and herbal medicine will be brought evrywhere we go.

Q: How can I be reached during the trip?

A: for the whole of China: by mobile phone every day, allmost all the time. Only few and quite small areas that we pass through dont have mobile phone access. To save costs, one can buy a chinese SIM card (with a chinese number). There is internet access in the vast majority of our Hotels, though not in every one.

Q: how about breakfast and coffee?

A: for the whole of China: Coffee is generally not served for breakfast. Hot water for tea or coffee is allways available, coffee can be bought in Chengdu. Breakfast is generally chinese, that is mainly rice porridge, steamed bread with and without meat, eggs, pickles.