Experiencing chinese medicinal plants in their natural habitat

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2020, June 07 – 20, to northwest Sichuan Due to the Coronavirus pandemic we had to cancel this trip. To receive infos by mail as soon as the next trip is planned you are welcome to Register here

TCM herb trips to China offer participants the opportunity to deepen their understanding about TCM herbs by observing these herbs in their natural habitat in the wild, as well as in cultivation.

We will meet professionals in the field of TCM-medicinals production and be able to establish personal relationships. We will learn about the challenges that have to be met when trying to establish a ecologically, economically and socially sustainable production of high quality medicinal herbs while facing very fast growth of national and international demand.
In addition to the above, the trips will offer a deep look into the multicultural traditions of the regions we travel to.

Trips take place every one or two years, to alternating destinations in China. They are mainly directed towards people who encounter and work with chinese medicinal herbs in their professional life.

Organisation: Nina Zhao-Seiler, Zurich, Switzerland
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